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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busting aviator myths

Knut Helge at ENGM, joining me on a myth busting operation on a great day for flying.I have to admit being one of the people wining about the lack of airports to visit and hence low variation of landing practice for pilots operating from ENKJ. Today, after flying ENKJ-ENGM-ENEG-ENKJ (3x15 minutes), I admit being wrong.

MYTH 1. Flying to ENGM is a complex operation. Wrong! Filing ordinary flight plans to and from Oslo's main airport is everything that is needed. The NOTAM Office takes care of the slot time, and will call you back if you need to change the planned arrival. You arrive and depart like any other airport, and the traffic is rather low.
MYTH 2. Flying to ENGM is expensive. Wrong! The landing fee of NOK 250 is less than at Rakkestad!

MYTH 3. There are no short field airports in the Oslo area we are welcome to visit. Wrong! Sending an PPR on SMS was everything needed to be welcome at Eggemoen. Airfield Manager Gunnestad does not bite, as long as you call before landing, and the landing fee of NOK 150 is less than most other places. Actually, I have never been denied PPR at any of the short fields in the area (but then I never tried at Ski!).

Conclusion: PPR and landing fees might represent mental obstacles, however it is quite possible to secure varied experience and meet nice people at other airports without flying far from home.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hangar flying

FZFG above and a runway filled with snow below, made hangar flying the safest option for the bachelor party I had promised to fly over Oslo in LN-NAG today. The TAF promised 'FEW010 SCT080', but the fog never left.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Landed safe in snow at Hamar after failed attempts for Kjeller and Gardermoen

LN-TFQ (P28A) got lost in snow and bad visibility tonight. After failed attempts at ENKJ and ENGM, a police helicopter escorted the lost pilot to a safe landing at ENHA. The webcam picture was grabbed short before the landing. The METAR at ENGM indicated overcast in 500 feet and 7 km visibility.

BTW, this was my first attempt at covering a live event on Twitter, Facebook, Scanair, and Blogger...

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